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Originally Posted by john jones View Post
Thanks for the replies.

I am having a tough time deciding on this system:


I am trying to stay in a budget around 700.00. This is for home use. The 4 channel is probably enough, but I know how it goes I will want 1or2 more cameras and wished I had bought the 8 channel system.

It appears that they have an economy system and a step above economy in both the 4 channel and the 8 channel, what are the differences between the economy and the next level higher?
Any time I hear "You can't find a more advanced ________, anywhere" and the package price isn't high, when I know there's a lot out there that does far more, I run. What he's working with is the GUI, not the hardware. However, it does seem to be very full-featured.

What I wanted to see is the video of lights off and night. That's where some cameras really set themselves apart from the others.

This shot has the time stamp on it and I just saved it, remotely. This is the worst view you'd get- it's online, not a decent res feed from the DVR to a TV or monitor. The yard has a big Maple tree that blocks most of the light from the alley, too. Anything that comes in is from the side yards, under/through the tree or farther away,
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