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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
What exactly does a coach do? I've done P90X (and since fallen way out of shape due to a number of factors). Not to use an excuse but I am literally spending all my free time building a house. In 8 weeks give or take when I am ready to dedicate myself, what would you suggest?

Johnny how far are you in? Interest usually wanes in about 6 weeks.
As a Beachbody coach I generally try and get people motivated to get off of the couch and do something usually one of the programs obviously. But more than that I am here to keep my customers accountable and make sure that after the first 6 weeks they keep going! A lot of the time especially if you are just doing it by yourself it is esy to say oh I'll just skip a few days which then turns into forgetting about it all together.

I would suggest joining a challenge group. This is where 4-6 people all commit to doing the same program at the same timeand check in with the group daily to keep themsleves and each other accountable. This really helps when you need that extra push to keep going. That is how I started! I am a true believer in Insanity! It is fast paced, and you learn to love to hate it! I earned my t-shirt and wear it like it's a gold medal!

I would love to put an accountability group together for anyone that is interested. Let me know when you are ready!
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