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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
Definitely needs cleaning. He said he kept it in a barn normally, but brought it out for people to look at since he was selling it. It rained all night, and I assume sat outside for a while before he winterized it, but he lives on a private lake in the KC area. The weird numbers are their private lake boat numbers so they can be identified if they're "bad" on the lake or whatever. The poor boat was beat to chit. It'll take a lot of elbow grease, but man... worth it for a potential 15k dollar profit on the thing. I checked the oil and no signs of water. Also checked the trans and fluid was nice and clean with no milky or water look to it. I'm lake testing it tomorrow which the sale is contingent on, but he has my deposit and a post dated check for the rest. That suckers mine if there's no motor issues. Has a 5.7L Indmar 325hp in it.
Sweet find!!! I hope the lake test goes well. I like those 20' v drives. I'd probably keep that I've a x9 for the configuration. But you see the optimistic potential of selling your boat (7k) + flipped 20v (34k)- 20v purch (16) - x9 (19k)= nice positive net
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