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Hi Whisky

I owned both of these boats... I had a 94 205 and now own a 2002 PS209. I will give a short review of each boat...

1. 94 PS 204 - Best all around boat I have ever owned. Ski wake is fantastic and can be made into a really good wakeboard boat. Can hold lots of friends and family and has lots of storage. But I hated every second of having a Carb engine. Do yourself a favor and only look at FEI.

2. 2002 PS 209/X9 - I really like this boat it does a lot of stuff really well but its price does not justify it compared to the 205. Holds lots of people, has a good ski wake (bigger than the 205 but still really good)and makes a really good wakeboard wake even without ballast. However one of the things I don't like about this boat is that it sits really low in the water in the front. Bow takes on water when you turn around to pick someone up if you are not careful. Mine has the 310 and it does just fine until you really load the boat up with people and then it starts to have trouble getting out of the hole pulling a wakeboarder. Some of that has to do with the huge amount of "wet surface area" of this boat, meaning this boat has a lot of the hull touching this water at all times causing drag but also makes for a big wake when you need it.

If it were me and I was in a position to buy a boat right now I would keep looking for a 96 or 97 PS205 EFI. Fantastic boat and they are usually priced right. Plus the boat will always be stylish and can adapt to any watersports you are wanting to do/try.

Hope that helps.
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