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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post

I pick up the V4367WTIR and the B1363TIR. I have not installed the bullet yet but I got it for range. I'm going to set it up to overlook the shop and boat. I need to run some conduit for the cables. The 4367 is very nice. With just the street like 100 meters from the drive way it still does color at night. I need to set it up and work on the noise reduction for night.

The DVR I pick up has some really great features I'll be setting up. Like uploading captures to both my NAS box and an offsite server. I have the email alert for motion detection set up already.

I'm not sure if my DVR is using port 9000 but I blocked it along with telnet. Good routers are very useful!!
I have used mostly non-IR cameras and they still show color at night. With the AGC, you can crank up the gain and still not have blown out images. Also, the HME is great if someone comes along and thinks headlights or a bright flashlight will blind the cameras- all that does is show up as a dark spot where the light source is. If you or a neighbor has a bright light that will be in the camera's view, you can use the Privacy feature to block it and keep the AGC from darkening the whole image.

If you want to see something cool- look at the camera's image on the display and cover the lens with your hand- it goes dark, switches to B&W and you'll see the lines in the palm of your hand. I went to a distributor product show a few years ago and the training manager from DW had me do that- it's one of the main reasons I started using their products.
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