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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
One of the most important things is to disable UPnP but re: passwords- this vulnerability enters through port 9000 and doesn't even need a user name or password.

The DVD burner is an added expense most don't need and saving video to a thumb drive is faster, anyway.

Which DW cameras?

I pick up the V4367WTIR and the B1363TIR. I have not installed the bullet yet but I got it for range. I'm going to set it up to overlook the shop and boat. I need to run some conduit for the cables. The 4367 is very nice. With just the street like 100 meters from the drive way it still does color at night. I need to set it up and work on the noise reduction for night.

The DVR I pick up has some really great features I'll be setting up. Like uploading captures to both my NAS box and an offsite server. I have the email alert for motion detection set up already.

I'm not sure if my DVR is using port 9000 but I blocked it along with telnet. Good routers are very useful!!
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