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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
I read that link, and am mostly confused.

I think I'll roll the dice on the fact that no one is going to want to look at a 24hr loop of my driveway and/or sideyard. I keep my gold bars stored off site, as well and my sinister experiments are kept in the basement.
Originally Posted by JimN View Post
It means that someone found serious vulnerability and not only can they get into the DVR, they can see the IP address, user name/password, gateway address and with a few educated guesses, would be able to install keystroke logger/virus or gain control of any computers in the network.
And again, why would anyone want to do that looking at Dylan's (Or my) backyard and driveway? I understand it is different if you are surveying something with more value.

I'm going to do some cameras at the house I'm building. I have limited experience with cameras, but my brother in law (how's that Pete???) works for a higher end security company (they do gillette stadium and many other big clients) is going to give me some suggestions. I'll report back when I figure out what I'm doing
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