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Unless you are going to one of the resorts farther south on the mainland I probably wouldnt stay there. DO NOT stay in Belize City.

Just stay on the island and take a couple of day trips over to the things you want to do on the mainland.

Its been a few years since I was there last. Last time was when they first started cobblestoning the main roads of San Pedro. Its growing up fast now.

As said above. Just drink Belikin while you are there. You don't have to ask for it by name just say you want a beer at the bar and thats what you get. Go to the store and buy a case of it to drink by the pool. Much cheaper. And the One Barrel Rum is really good. Get get it here which is a shame. Marie Sharps hot sauce is killer too so get a big bottle of it and the One Barrel to bring home.

My wife talked one of the guys at the Belikin distributor into giving her a wall mounted bottle opener. They don't sell them just give them to hotels and bars as a promotional item. You are likely to have one in your room. It's my little bit of Belize I cherish at the house.
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