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Originally Posted by gsxrjtt View Post
Rtw-Travel where you from in alberta.. Ill be in Banff next weekend to so some skiing.

Maxpower .. any other places you can suggest i dont mind trailering just want to enjoy the boat and have fun..

Thanks everyone for their responses. but honestly curious about the indirect cooling and link anyone can send my way to read up on..
Enjoy Banff - they need some snow, but the forecast looks sunny and warm for the next week. I'm in Calgary. We moved here from Vancouver two years ago, but we boat in Ontario on the Rideau at the family cottage.

I googled "fresh water cooling" for a PCM 351 and came up with this link - I don't know the quality of the supplier, so just look at it for information only.

In a nutshell, the kit converts your engine to a closed loop cooling circuit. It is very similar to a car engine. The coolant (same as car coolant) gets circulated throughout the block using the existing engine water pump. Instead of a radiator, the hot coolant goes through a small small heat exchanger. One side of the heat exchanger is coolant, and the other side would be cold sea water (or lake water) that would be picked up using the boat's regular impeller. From the heat exchanger, the hot sea water is expelled through the exhaust, and the cold coolant goes back to the engine. You can see the heat exchanger in the photo of the parts for the PCM351 kit in the link. I am surprised at the low price as I would have expected something around $2000. I have obviously not done it on an MC, but on our old boat, it was not a mechanically difficult install. It can be quite awkward due to space limitations. The benefit to this system is that the block never sees anything other than coolant.

here's a picture of one installed in an engine. The heat exchanger is on the top right of the picture.

Another example Oct 2006

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