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OK, back from my meeting....

More on Blue Hole... I will say that if you are at sea level, you could drive by it and not know it... The only way you can really tell it’s there is from the sky. There is a sandy shelf at about 20 feet, that the divers meet at prior to the decent... The max depth allowed is 130, although I dipped to 136 to assist my GF, a beginner diver who accidentally dipped to 145. As a snorkeler, I do not think you’re going to see much. It’s DARK down there... I took a flash light... So, snorkeling, blue hole... From what I could tell, I think the darkness will severely limit what you see / how far you can see. Plus, there's going to be A LOT of scuba bubbles coming up to the top. I also heard some of those monster sharks came right up to the surface, but I did not witness that, I’m just relaying what was told to me.

Palapa Bar and Grill north of the toll bridge– again, do not miss it. It’s great to get on the inner tubes and have them lower buckets of beer to you...

To rent a golf cart, wander next door to the Phoenix to the Tradewinds Paradise Villas and see if you find Lelo the cabdriver or Glenn (kid that works @ Tradewinds)... Ask them for the cheapest cart prices – they got em for $30/day for one of the people on my diveboat... 50-60/day is typical. There are 2 gas stations on the Caye (both are south of $5 toll bridge)... And gas aint cheap – ~$6 US per gallon...

There is a combo zipline/cave tubing excursion – a lot offer it for 210 pp and come down to 180... We paid 130 pp... they provided drinks and lunch and at the end Belizean rum punch. From the phoenix, walk SOUTH on the beach till u see a pier with a tour operator... They are the ones that advertised the 199.00 blue hole trip.

If you drink, buy the maximum allowed duty free liquor @ the BZE airport and fly it to the caye... we spent $30 on a bottle of couintreau and $30 on reposado te-lill-ya... (it would have been double that on the caye) we should have bought double that. marg mix on the caye was cheap. the belizean run was cheap... hint – carry a water bottle with u full of the rum to spike your weak drink @ restaurants... carry a water bottle full of couintreau to spike the weak margs @ restaurants. Trust me on that one... having your own bar on the island saves u a lot of bar tab money.

Also, buy Belikin beer hats, t-shirts, bottle openers, coozies – you can not buy that beer in the US – my belikin beer ball cap is unique...

Also, try to figure out where anti-virus software developer John McAfee’s home is (north end)... Such an an incredible story...

My Belizean adventure was not something I will soon forget – I can’t wait to return

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