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As many of you know, I used to have an 88 Platinum Prostar. I lived on a salt water river and used it there just about every weekend during the summer. I NEVER had an issue with salt water doing any damage to that boat. sure I sprayed it down at the dock when done with it for the day, and washed the hell out of it when it came time to put it back on the trailer. Trailer was a 'C' channel type, and had no brakes. After I launched the boat, I'd go back to my house and pull the trailer over a sprinkler and turn it on for a while. Yea, I repainted it once, maybe twice. Usually right before I would go to a MC Boat Owners reunion. Oh, and by the way, my saltwater platinum Prostar won 3 'Best of Show' awards at those reunions. So all you MCOCD fanatics out there, a saltwater skiboat doesn't have to be so harshly judged. I know the guy that just recently bought that particular boat and completely redid her. he told me there was NO hidden damage that would have been caused by salt water usage.
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