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Hey guys,

Yes, Ramones is still there. Yes, it is overpriced – the food there is ridiculously expensive. No offense to those that like AI resorts, but the food just sucks at them (compared to eating outside the resorts)… Yes, I will admit it is convenient.

The Phoenix is right next door to where I stayed, so you’ll have access to all the same things I did – Ritchies Supermarket, cayemart, the smoked chicken guy (sat/sun at the cayemart), Wet Willies, and the piers. And yes, we walked by it daily noting how amazingly nice it was.

I will say that I heard the other coast of the island was a bit seedy, and we avoided it.

As far as restaurants, go eat at the places I listed in my TA review. For breakfast, make sure you hit Geo’s Hideaway café – the breakfast croissant sandwiches were $5 and you can’t eat 2. The coffee there is HUGE and affordable too…

Trying to remember what you asked me in your last PM…. Blue Hole for snorkelers? There were some on board of the boat we were on (Amigos Del Mar)…. Is it worth it? I think it would be fun, but to miss going 140 ft down to see the 10 foot reef sharks, the drum fish and the MONSTEROUS stalactites, you’re doing yourself an injustice. We did see dolphins on the way there, sharks 140 feet down and 2 sperm whales on the way back… Plus we saw ½ Moon Caye on the way back – and the colony of the Red Footed Booby birds. I’m not sure I would have wanted to spend THAT much money without seeing the great blue hole as seen by the eyes of one of my all time childhood heros – Jacques Cousteau… It was amazing

As far as staying on the mainland? No thank you – driving through BZE City to go to the zipline/cavetubing combo trip was enough for me. We took the 90 minute ferry ride to/from Ambergris…

Oh and you asked about clothing - I took 2 nice collared shirts and wore those with sandals and khaki shorts – the rest was swim trunks and t-shirts. Ambergris is LAYED BACK… And you can walk everywhere – it’s TINY.

Hope this helps – more later – I’m late to my next meeting.


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