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Originally Posted by Snipe View Post
This is my first MC: I've been running a Nautique since '99 and am really looking forward to ice-out so I can get this boat wet. Your boat looks "show room" what a beauty. Why are you selling? Looks like the kids might miss the fun.
I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions; for starters, the prop on my boat seems small. I didn't get an accurate measurement, and it is covered now, but I think it is only about 11 inch diameter. Don't know the pitch until I can crawl under and remove the nut. My Nautique is swinging a 13X13 ACME. that's why I believe it is small. ????
I'm selling to hopefully acquire a new MC. We'll see how it goes. I'm the worst guy to ask about props but I know if your boat has a powerslot you usually have a 4 blade and larger size prop. There are many other more educated "prop" guys on this site who will help you out. I too can't wait for the ice to I sit here looking out my window and storm Nemo is dumping a ton of snow on us.....
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