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Originally Posted by onejdgreen View Post
That is a great memory! Born in the great state of IOWA! In high school we had to write a 10 page paper in history class about a great American. I picked the Duke and ended up writing a 30 page paper! Extremely jealous of your memory...
I'll give you just a little more.....

At the party, it was a "self serve" cook your own steak on a big ol' BBQ pit. Well, I decided I should go ahead and make Mr. Wayne a steak. I slapped it on for, what I thought, was a decent amount of cooking time, flipped it, and then dropped it on a plate. I then served this "amazingly looking plate" to him. He very graciously accepted.

I later found out that he commented, "if the steak were any more rare, it would of stood up and walked off his plate!" I guess I wasn't the cook I thought I was at age (8???)
- Jeff

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