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Originally Posted by gid View Post
I saw a story on the evening news where in California they have officers that just go to felons homes and, if they have guns, take the guns as felons are not allowed to have guns. They collected several thousand over a year but are still running behind. Why not, instead of making new laws, just beef up manpower and enforce the ones on the books?
One felon had a 60 cal revolver - huge gun!
Latest I have heard is now California will be requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance.

Was listening to a talk show few weeks back, they had a spokesperson for gun control there make a remark about where will it stop, if they have a tank rolling down your street are you going to want a tank as well to match the firepower..........thinking the point is; if tanks are rolling down the street then I want that assault rifle cause the revolution has started.

Thinking a lot of people have forgot the LA riots after the Rodney King case.....definitely would want something with more than 7 bullets to protect my house. Honestly think that our government is coming terribly close to starting a few riots around the country
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