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I appreciate the information so far, Thanks!

Pretty sure we will be in the Farragut area, depending on available home rentals. We have time and will start a lease in April if needed in order to secure the home.

Looking forward to the summer months. We have a floating house rental secured for the week of the 4th @ Norris. I have skied on Tellico back when visiting the MC factory in late 90's and early 2000's. We are both originally from Indianapolis area and grew up @ Dale Hollow and Cumberland in the summers. It will be nice to ski in clear alligator free water again!! Look forward to camping again with the boat.....We enjoyed sitting up late with the campfire....Not really an option down here.

Winter months.....I am not sold on yet. I am told its not that bad but that is relative....It's almost 80 today!

Football.....I found information on a Knoxville league that sounds a lot like Pop Warner....but no Pop Warner information.

It will take some time to adjust, luckily we will have a full summer before winter Look forward to meeting some new MasterCraft owners.
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