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Originally Posted by mlawler34 View Post
Hey guys I am looking to make a shot-ski from an old slalom ski for up north. I have a few ideas on how I am going to go about it, but i am missing the main piece! Having not grown up water skiing I do not have any old slalom skis I could use and do not really know anyone I could ask. May poke around at my dealers boat show next week tho.

I was wondering if anyone of the many avid skiers on the board would be willing to sell me something cheap? I am looking for as colorful and outrageous as possible in graphics. Doesn't matter what kind of ski. Biggest thing is I would like it to be longer than 66".

My plans include 4 MasterCraft shot glasses and I am sure a decal or two. I am still contemplating the best way to secure (either permanently or temporarily) to the ski, but will research more as I get everything.

I am avidly searching craigslist etc. Obviously trying to stay very cheap. Thought this may be as good a place as any to start.

Thanks! Also feel free to post pictures of your shot-ski! I am in the early stages looking for ideas!
I don't have one yet (but I intend to make one). The best way I have seen to get the shot glasses to stay on the ski was to use those rubber chair leg caps like this:

Measure a shot glass and buy the feet so you have to press the glass into the open end of the end caps. Being rubber, they'll "stick" and wont fall out when turned upside down, but you can still pull the glasses out to refill them, wash them, etc. Put those end caps on the ski so the open end faces up, and use a screw to fasten them to the ski. Now you've created a shot ski. Fill up your shot glasses, stick them in the "holders" (chair end caps), and get drunk!

As for the ski, check craigslist and just buy an old combo ski set. Wood would be even cooler. They can be had cheap.
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