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Originally Posted by psychobilly View Post
They need to be careful on Step 14: Fill Engine With Oil

I had some buddies in High School that their family owned a garage. Someoene came by asking how to change the oil in their car, told them simular steps and one was, "Fill Engine with oil". Guy came back and said engine wouldn't start... When he explained he "Filled it until it was full" with the case of oil he had bought, not sure actul it took but he said it was full and he couldn't get anymore in it......

Gotta watch how we say things I reckon LMAO
Yep I can remember back to my porsche days that some "quick lube", places would change the oil on late 90's 911 (996) then the car would smoke badly bringing the car to the dealership, Turns out they would drain the oil pan 4qts but not the external tank another 5 qts then add 9 qts because thats what the manual stated. No common sense to see the amount of oil going in versus what came out but thats another discussion why would someone with that type of car go to quick lube for an oil change, Some peoples kids...
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