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Originally Posted by jigster View Post
I'll be in the market for some new tower speakers shortly (Rev 10s and/or 410s). Where is everybody buying theirs and is the pricing any better at a dealer vs. driect from Westounds?

I looked on their website but they do not list dealer locations (kind of odd???!?!?). Instead they make you fill out a form which I've never received any communication back on. Also does anybody offer a discount when buying two pairs at a time vs. one at a time?


We do not list our dealers as we prefer to work with each customer directly and find them the best dealer fit for them locally or recommend one of our authorized online dealers like Earmark. We prefer to provide personal service to our customers.

Please send me an email to [email protected] on when you sent the info request to our site and I will find out why your were not responded to. We answer all of them the day we get them. Also, check your spam folder as it might have been put into spam

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