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Lived in Farragut for the past 6+ years----LOVE IT!!! I can't help with the football team. The schools are all good. My kids go to the private school at our church, but the public schools are ranked well in the state. The best part as far as water go's is that there is awesome access every direction you go!! I have a choice of 4 lakes that are under 30 mins away--louden, Melton hill, tellico, watts Barr----all giant bodies of water. There are 3 more under an hour, Douglas, Cherokee, and Norris.... Several more giants within a 2 hr haul--- Put it this way---in 3 seasons we have yet to get to all of them and we love to take the rv and camp with the boat. Last summer I timed how long it took to get to the closest ramp, launch, and run to a great cove to ski--stopped the watch when I was ready to tell the wife to "hit it"---16 minutes (I did have the trailer hooked to truck already---add 3-4 mins) I figure the only way to beat that is having a place on the lake and a lift----
You will find an area called "turkey creek" and there is likely nothing you couldn't find there for shopping or dining---everything is there!! There is a good MC dealer here and the factory is 40 mins down the road---
My wife's best buddy is a realtor PM me if you have any questions or would want me to hook you up with her...
We moved from Colorado and don't miss it at all. The access to I-40, 75, and 81 makes it a great "hub" to getting places by auto.
You haven't lived until you grab a wild hog by the legs when a dog is holding him by the ear!!
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