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I'm a fan of 303 but its a tad greasy for my needs, Babes is what I would still be using if I had not tried Boat Bling. I am a huge believer in the "Boat Bling products: love the Cleaner and the after coating product they sell. They have a great water spot remover but I have not tried it because our water is soft.

You will love the Colonite wax but I use the Presta compound and polish with wool pad and foam pads and hand wax with the Colonite. I bought a Flex polisher I saw and will give some feed back after I use it...

I use poor boys and Adams products for the dash and plastic black parts. Both are fantastic.

303 Fabric cleaner is the and I quote "the slap bomb" on the stitching and I would'nt use anything else.

Totally awesome is well....totally awesome. I use it when nothing else will work and I rinse everything thoroughly.

I use the Meguiars metal cleaner but because of the clear anodize the metal will never pop! Non ammonia cleaners are all you can use.

Love that you diving it the the world of CLEAN...I love it here
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