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Indmar bulletin, It appears this method just cleans the rings and top of pistons and not valves.

Indmar Products
5400 Old Millington Road
Millington, TN 38053
Phone 901-353-9930
Fax 901-358-4292
Procedure for applying Upper Engine Cleaner Kit S495149
1. Drain the oil from the engine. Not the filter.
2. Leave the cap off the oil drain hose.
3. Remove the fuel rail and fuel injectors.
4. Add 2oz of the UEC to each cylinder through the injector holes.
5. Mark the balancer as a reference.
6. Turn the crank 720°. This will push the cleaner into the piston ring lands.
7. Let the chemical set for 1.5 hours.
8. Add 2oz of UEC to each cylinder for a second time.
9. Turn the engine over 720°. Note: You should be close to or hydro lock on
each cylinder.
10. Let sit another hour.
11. Spin engine over by hand until free.
12. Add 1 quart oil and let it drain out.
13. Install the cap back onto the drain hose.
14. Fill engine with oil.
15. Reinstall the fuel injectors and fuel rail.
16. Put the boat in the water and start the engine. Let it idle until it reaches
operating temp.
17. Drive the boat keeping the RPM above 3500 for 10 minutes.
18. Perform many WOT launches.
19. Change oil and filter.
Flat Rate Labor Allowance: 2.5 Hr (Add .5 if plenum must be removed to access
fuel rail.)
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