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Originally Posted by Worthing skier View Post
Hello all

Hopefully an easy question this time ,
On the rear wiring loom for the fuel tank sender unit the is a plug/socket with 3 wires
black , pink and green ,
Black and pink are for the tank sender , I am not sure re the green wire , possibly a ground wire for the fuel filler neck but not sure .

Any advice on this.


There is a legacy thread here somewhere on the ground wire. Something to this effect: MC said don't ground there, even though we did. Run a ground to another part of the boat and not on the filler neck.

My experience has been to leave the green disconnected. Done deal for me. Fuel sender works and no ground to a fuel filler neck.

Kinda' like the battery sitting within the same enclosed area as the fuel cell (on my 93). Something about that made me uneasy. I moved my battery to the front under the observer seat.

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