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Originally Posted by kpickett View Post
@Kweisner - Very nice Vandersteen Model 5s! I have Vandy Model 2s and his Model 2W subwoofer. I'd love to go to Model 5s some day, but they're a little rich for my blood these days. I'm running a Thorens turntable. I'd like to hear more about your turntable setup.

Have you ever talked to Vandersteen himself? He's a really interesting guy.
Hey kpickett--thanks for the props on the Model 5s. I had (well, still have) a 2Wq sub that was paired up with Magnepan 1.6s--an awesome combo but not the right fit for my current listening room. Love Vandy speakers--a lot like MC (great value: solid engineering, designed to last a lifetime and perform well the whole time). If you don't already know, keep an eye out for used Model5s over at Audiogon-dot-com. They do come up fairly regularly at about 1/2 retail.

I have actually gotten a call at home from Richard--sent an email question to their general mailbox and he picked up and dialed me himself. Very no-nonsense in a good kind of way.

Table is an Avid Volvere with a Wilson-Benesch tonearm, which is from a W-B Full Circle table (which I also still have--i find it hard to part with gear that I've loved). My current room is not a great environment for a table and the Avid isolates itself from all kinds of vibration the way no other table can. Feel free to PM me with any questions so I din't end up putting TT members to sleep with all kinds of details!
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