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Front Hitch?

I searched high and low to find an anwer, but to no avail.

Bought a new house at the end of December, and finally had time to build a large side gate (12'), and should start having the brick pavers installed this weekend depending on the weather. My problem is that along the front of the house I have several obsticals to jog around. I have a block wall on the property line shared with my neighbor, immediately next to my gate. I also have a power pole directly in front of the house, fire hydrant and a palm tree to dodge. I can take out the palm but my wife would hate me more than usual.

I've ran across several possibilities from buying a lawn tractor with hitch, to buying a shorter wheelbase junker (Jeep or similar) to move the trailer (last resort). Does a front hitch help any? I pride myself in being well skilled at backing. However when building the gate and bringing material over there for the fence and bricks I have noticed it's more difficuly than I thought it would be. Does the front hitch allow more articulation in smaller spaces? Logic would seem to tell me yes, but that isn't always true in the real world.

A power caster is out of the question. I have too many changing surfaces right now from soil, concrete curbs, large river rocks and transitioning to the brick pavers.

Thanks for your help!
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