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When I got that boat, I can remember going to the boat ramp and there was a guy with a brand new X10 (This was 2004). I asked him how much his boat was and he told us about $80 grand. I rememeber thinking wow, if there is anyways that I can own a boat like that someday I will have it made. Its funny what happens when you combine hard work, determination and time. I honestly didn't think I would ever own a boat that nice but I knew I wanted too.

We did have some of the best times on that boat. It was the first time many of my family and friends got to go out on a boat and try wakeboarding. The obsession only got worse with time.

I learned a ton on this boat though. How to ride and drive, install a tower, do fiberglass repairs on cracked hulls and so much more.

Also there was a thread about wheels falling off. Well this HAPPENNED to me on the busiest highway in Alberta when I was 30 minutes from home. I ended up pounding out the sheared off studs and replacing them on the side of the road. Not all that fun and a typical way to be welcomed to the world of boating.
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