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Originally Posted by Kweisner View Post
Hey mzimme,
As for my system. . .the Pre-amp is Balanced Audio Technology (all analog/vacuum tubes). Amp is also BAT (solid state), Marantz SACD player and the speakers are Vandersteen Model 5. I also stream digital via Apple's Airport Express feeding a PS Audio DAC--a great option for whole house sound, convenience, party mode, etc. But for serious listening, it's either vinyl or SACD. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions at all--happy to share my own experiences in audio!
@Kweisner - Very nice Vandersteen Model 5s! I have Vandy Model 2s and his Model 2W subwoofer. I'd love to go to Model 5s some day, but they're a little rich for my blood these days. I'm running a Thorens turntable. I'd like to hear more about your turntable setup.

Have you ever talked to Vandersteen himself? He's a really interesting guy.
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