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Well, you guys have stumbled into my arena. . .before catching MCOCD, I had a similar condition called Audiophilia Nervosa. As a 50 year old, I grew up on vinyl and analog stereo. I still listen to a LOT of vinyl on a 'table that's current production and have some cutting edge engineering (carbon fiber tonearm, sapphire bearing, 18 lb machined platter, tuned/sprung suspension and digital speed control).

So the next time someone is giving you grief about how much you spent on your boat/accessory/etc., you can say, "That's nothing. You should see what some people spend on turntables." There are current decent production models starting around $300 but you can spend over $100K (you read that right).

At any rate, it's not about the hardware--it's about the music and there's a ton of stuff that never made it to CD or MP3, and a lot of the stuff that did sounds like crap. Vinyl was always a pretty good medium, but the playback gear was pretty weak. Fast forward to the 21st century, and CNC milling, precision electronics, computer aided design mean that the playback gear is finally able to get all the music off the record--it's kind of cool listening to older albums and hearing new stuff coming through. Anyway, here's my rig:

And the whole system:

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