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The OKC show a couple of weeks ago was a bit of a let down. Prior to this I have only been to the shows in SLC. OKC only had 3 MC's. 10,25,30. They were nice, but the dealer had them chained off, and didn't even come over to talk to me for over 30min. which was a shocking since everyone was at the 'toons not the ski boats. There was no "gear" for sale either. Infact only one dealer had anything for sale, and that was only a handfull of boards, and some 1/2off old ski vests. SN and BU were there too, and had much better displays with at least twice as many boats. The only DD ski boat at the whole show was a Moomba.

The whole show was a bit of a let down, and there was hardly anyone there. The gun show a couple of buildings over, on the other hand, was so packed you could hardly move, and it was full of junk. Not many dealers, just a bunch of red necks with their old rusty crap pricing it as if it was gold.
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