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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Rather than paddle bits (also called 'spade bits'), check these out- they're a lot better and can be filed sharo if you hit a nail. You can buy them as single bits or in a set.

For holes larger than 1-1/2", look at these and the Milwaukee Electric Tool Switchblade-


For the last two, don't even try it with a drill that doesn't have a handle- if one of these grabs something and the drill is high-torque, you'll tear your wrist up.

Home Depot and other places that sell Milwaukee tools have these- doesn't have to be Sears.
For holes larger than 1-1/2" Irwin makes a great forstner style Jim's point, easy to resharpen. Have done central vac installs where you chew through some nails boring through bottom plates
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