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Pix and Thanks Again

Okay guys--I'm not an expert at this so bear with me. Also, shooting photos under the dash with all the spaghetti made for some tricky lighting.

First, modified the batter cover a la Sodar's install:

Then, ran custom terminated wiring (did my own but I have a tool just for compressing lugs onto cable--2 Gauge in this case.

Here's one part of the install that I could use some other ideas on. Currently, the wires to the House Batt/Isolator run forward from the starting battery and then through the cutout for the heater duct. I did sleeve the cable in plastic loom so that the fiberglass edge of the heater access cutouts won't damage the softer insulation on the cable. Any ideas of alternate routes?

At any rate, here's the isolator as suggested by Diesel--mounted on the bulkhead near the other electrical bus bars. Positive in/out secured with nylocks. Signal cable tied to the ignition key and ground for relay activation:

And finally, the overkill billet holder and streetwire clamp (ground side shown). A bear to get it in there and I will be adding a battery maintainer for just this unit--taking Sodar's sage advice so that I don't have to wrestle that thing much:

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