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1. Is there a way to check to see if the foam under the floor is soaked?

The floor and stinger system is bonded all the way around to the dies of the boat. It would be odd (in my opinion) to have water under the floor. If you wanted to check you would have to cut holes in the fiberglass floor.

2. Is the floor fiberglass all the way up to the bow?

Yes. The main contruction of the boat will contain no wood. The only wood in the boat will be the seat bases and side pads.

3. Is this the original location for the fuse block?

I dont think so. My fuses on my 89 are located up under the dash, not in the battery box. I could be wrong on this one as I have not seen too many of these boats up close or investiated that closely. Someone will chime in on this one.

4. Are these the original decals?

No. This would have originally had stars on it. The graphics that are on it are more similar to the 87-90/91-94 decals.
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