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x14 / 214

We had a similar list of "needs" when looking for our next boat. We were trading from a '97 PS190. I am a die-hard water skier; however, we were very struggling with a one-dimensional boat.

We live near Lake Washington and need something that can handle some chop. We enjoy long days on the lake with friends. My wife is interested in wake boarding while I wanted to have as shot at surfing.

As you will learn these sports are vastly different and all require entirely different hull and boat configurations for optimal performance. In whatever you choose, you will need to make compromises. In my case, moving from a 190 to an x14 / v-drive increased wake (however, not at all short line).

We chose the x14v. After considerable research we felt this the best option for adding a little size as well as having some scale to make wake-boarding fun and surfing attainable. Moving the engine aft gave us the extra space but did impact wake for skiing. IMHO the x14v has the least wake impact of any of the other x-series boats. Frankly from my experience, the balance have very steep and hard wakes that are not much for skiing with any speed.

We would have considered a DD x14, but space was paramount for hauling friends.

If skiing is important in the mix, I wouldn't look at anything outside of the 214 or x14 family.
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