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Originally Posted by 98Prostar205 View Post
I am replacing my exhaust flanges on my 98 prostar 205. I got the old ones off. Now I need to remove the old silicon type stuff from the gelcoat. What is the best method? Also, the old ones had this silicon stuff on the inside diameter of the holes in the transom. How do I reapply new sealant in this area when I get ready to install the new flanges?
In some places I have used a window-pane paint scrapper or similar device.

For the flange opening, heck just remove the old and run a bead on the ID of the opening as well as can be applied. If accessible, run another bead around the flange (once installed) from the inside. It doesn't have to be perfect, just adequate to seal the area.
I know on the 190 model, I was able to access from the inside as I had the floor and fuel cell out in order to attach the exhaust hose.

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