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Here are some pics (i hope). Thanks for all the replys. I'm pretty mechanical - I've rebuilt my snowmobile a couple times and work on friends sleds. I also work on a couple of outboards I own, and my 04 Cummins. Between good websites like this one, manuals, and YouTube, I'm pretty confident I can figure out and repair most issues. The guy wants what I feel is a premium for the boat, so I need to make sure there are minimal issues with the drivetrain. He is wanting $6,800, and I believe he will be fairly firm on that price. NADA average retail is around $5,100. In looking at other adds across the country and judging from some of the crap out there, I don't think his price is too far out of line considering the condition, if the motor checks out to be in the same condition. What do you guys feel on the prices? I know there are several of these boats in the area in what I consider "trashed" condition that are asking for $7k. Other than some staining on the carpet and no decals on the transom, this one really looks like brand new. Thanks again for the help!
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