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Yes, You can bolt the swivel clamp base plate to the MC-11 adapters and have full swivel ability and quick release removal with one allen bolt. They work awesome and look great. (you will need a different set of bolts so make sure when ordering you let us know of your dealer)

You would order REv 10 SC (swivel clamps) and MC-11 mastercraft adapters and the set of allen bolts pack for mounting SC base plate to MC-11 adapter.

Then all you would do is attach the adapter to the tower and the base plate portion of the swivel clamp to the adapter and your set.

The adapters are great because it gives a factory fit and finish look to it. We machined the adapters and finished them with a brushed finish to tie into the factory finish.

If you have any other questions you can call us at 877-938-7757 or email [email protected]

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