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Originally Posted by half a can View Post
I have been looking for an 87-89 Prostar for a few weeks and finally found an 89. The interior and exterior are both in immaculate shape - almost too good of shape for a 24 year old boat. The motor has just under 500 hours, and the last registration sticker is from 2005. The guy selling it has never ran the boat, he traded a truck for it and is now looking to sell the boat since he has 2 others already. He claims the boat was previously owned by a boat mechanic and was ran (with no valid registration) for a couple of weeks at the end of the season.

My question is - what should I check on the motor and tranny? I will do a test drive and a compression check. Is there anything else to look for with a boat that has been sitting for potentially 8 years? The motor and bilge were just as clean as the rest of the boat and there was no rust anywhere. I hate to pass up an oppurtunity at such a well preserved boat, but am afraid of what is in the motor with it sitting for so long. Thanks for the help.'re almost too good says it all.... show us pictures and and let's hear her run.

8 years sitting around...seals are probably in poor shape. Get a 5 gallon bucket and run it. When was the fluid in the tranny changed last.

I can just imagine the crud sludge in the motor/tranny from just sitting for 8 years. I took apart my 2 HP - has't ran for 5 years - couldn't believe the crap that came out... cleaned it up put new gaskets in and got it running.

Good news it's carbed so no ECU to deal with. Pictures, price... and what's your repair/restrore/rennovate dollar threshold once you buy it. How much can you fix yourself.
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