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Well, I don't think the low tow point is an issue. Most skiers use the ski pole, not a tower, which is more than likely lower than your parents pontoon. Granted, you have about 80lbs on me, but I have gotten up on my wakeboard behind my dads dual toon with a 115hp. It does not yank me up, but it does the job. I agree with Mike. Wider skis are a good choice bc that gives the ski more surface area on the water.

I learned the hard way when I was in HS many years ago. I started on two, dropped one and went skiing around the lake for a good little while just getting used to the feel until I fell nowhere near the dock. I figured it was a good time to learn how to deep water start on a slalom. Thankfully, I got up my first time and skied back to the dock. BTW, this was all behind our 96 Sea Doo GTi with 85hp. Trial by fire. Sometimes the best way to learn.
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