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Originally Posted by pram View Post
Really? This is my logic

You are a server that has a section that contains 8-10 tables

Here you get PAID 9-10 per hour from your employer

Now you work a 6 hour shift and have 8-9 tables per hour

A family of four goes out for supper

Bill total 50-60

15% (what everyone says you are supposed to tip) = 7.50, based on $50

7x7.50 = 52.50


Add the 10 an hour they are getting paid and its pretty easy to get there

Find a server and ask them how much they make in tips

2-300 on a good night is very common plus wages
Sorry Pram, but you would be pretty hard pressed to find a waiter/waitress making 9-10 dollars an hour in the U.S. Trust me, I waited on plenty of tables before I " bettered myself"

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