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Originally Posted by medicmoose View Post
Agreed....but a group of 6 being called a "large group". That might just be a regular family who, in these days, have a tough enough time going out to eat economically. I could see if you are bringing in 15 people....that I would consider a "large group". But really, what is the difference? If you have 2 tables of 5 or a table of 10???? Why would the people who came together have a surcharge on their bill automatically.

As you can see...I just don't agree with the idea of imposing an automatic tip.
One server handling 6 people, all with their own separate demands and requests isn't always easy. When the requests and demands are coming fast and furious, it's worse. When the people are only interested in themselves, it sucks. At that point, the number of customers is immaterial and I have seen 3-4 people demand more attention than 10.
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