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Originally Posted by kalamalka View Post
Yes just the factory pump. Do the bags drain well like the hard tanks do? Anything else that i should know before starting? do i need to beef up the locker divider between engine somehow?
I have 750s in the my boat. The 750s will put enough pressure on the dividers to push them into the manifolds. I added some stainless steel supports to keep the dividers from flexing after a season.

Memo had some good info in his post. I didn't use quick release connectors though. I just bought my threaded barbed connectors from lowes or home depot. I put some teflon tape on the threads and have not had any trouble with them leaking.

I had some trouble with the fill/drain hose from the pump to the bag kinking and reducing flow where it snakes around the rear panel. I put 2 90 degree elbows on it to take care of that.

The 750s are great for surfing, but you need a lot of weight up front to fill them for wakeboarding. I run the sac in the ski locker and the 1100lb bow triangle, and I still usually don't fill my 750s in the back all the way.
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