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Originally Posted by clrussell View Post
Kyle, your set up is makin me consider not putting a tower on mine... Where would a guy look for a Bimini?

It is more of how the bimini is made. I have a low profile bimini and you do have to bend down to get under it. Bimini tops that are too tall would look weird.

Make this note too........If you add a board rack and you have a tall bimini then the pulling point on the top of the pole will cause the rope to get caught on the boards.

If you want I can look at who made mine and look for a part number. I can also measure the bimini to see how tall it is and how wide it is.

With my lower bimini and my set up, I can drive ATB or around the boat with a sky skier very easy. Nothing gets hung up on the wake boards or on the speakers. I had to think this out very much when building my set up.

Skylon and FlyHigh have two different legnths of poles. IIRC the older FlyHigh is a few inches taller. I chose the Skylon due to the fact that I LIKE the way I can ratchet strap and get the pole tight. My speakers are not light and do add weight so when you add boards and speakers the top section likes to turn. With the FlyHigh it drove me crazy because the top section would spin and look crooked when driving WOT down the lake. I have NO issues with the Skylon because I can get it real tight and the top section will stay put.

The 2 speakers rock out and I think everyone with the skylon poles should have speakers up there. I would totally build my setup again if I had to.
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