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Originally Posted by CruisinGA View Post
Lol, see post 12. I am 100% confident that TRbenj was not referring to your post.

I know that my 1965 Evinrude 6hp is not close to as fast on my 12ft boat as my buddies new 6hp 4stroke mercury. My '65 rude runs great. Not sure where the difference is.
Correct... was referring to the position of the 9.9 on the flatbottom jon boat, not the 300 Mercs on the v-hulled offshore. Apples and oranges and I dont know jack about oranges!

Motors from the 50's and 60's do run very well, even compared to more modern motors. My buddy and my father both have a few 1955-1962 15hp and 18hp Evinrudes, and they are great performers. Very similar performance to the 15hp '74-92 motors Ive played with. Im actually considering trading my newer motors for an older one- they just look and sound so much cooler. They run much lower revs to boot, so running them is a lot more relaxing.

Compared to modern motors, I'll still take the 70's and 80's stuff over them any day. General construction quality seems lower nowadays, and the 4-strokes are not good performers on small boats due to their extra weight and complexity, IMHO. They are quieter and more fuel efficient though.
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