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Originally Posted by kgrove View Post
I'm looking at a couple used drysuits (O'Neill Boost). How do you inspect the seals and zippers to make sure they are in good condition if you can't do a water test? What am I looking for other than cracking? If I ended up having to replace seals or zippers, how expensive are those repairs and are they effective? I want to make sure I don't fool myself I'm getting a good deal on a used suit only to spend more money than I would have buying new.
i own two boosts from christmas of 2005. all seals either have been replaced or need replacing now. we either tore them or, if not torn they stretch out and won't seal. it is $20 per seal to have them replaced. the replaced seals make the suit good as new. our zippers have never leaked but you should not zip them up for storage. every zipping and un-zipping is wear and tear on them. i snagged the seat of mine once on a splinter on a wooden dock but i patched it myself and it hasn't leaked since and that has been 5 years ago. they are great suits. still, if you can afford to buy new i would. if you wait until the summer then certainly buy new because they are cheaper then.

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