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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Why is this offensive, if it is a not for profit project?

My interpretation was you got the image from someone's keychain thing that was discussed in another thread and decided to make shirts since you had contacts and time. Great idea. I also thought it was the color changing and volume that made this too big for you.

Anyway, I was not trying to be offensive since I didn't think you spent a boatload of time on the image. Simply suggesting those that want other colors can do as they wish.

You will find that I suggested at least once (don't remember for sure) that you should charge a bit for yourself for each shirt. I was planning to "tip" a bit regardless if you asked or not, as this is a lot of time on your part.
It isn't for profit at all, but it's poor taste to come in and say "I don't want it, but give me the logo so I can make it myself".