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Originally Posted by kskonn View Post
I went to the San Antonio Boat show this weekend and walked away with a few observations.

Tons of boats this year, everyone was represented and most had their full lineup. Texas Ski Ranch had almost every boat in the lineup and 2 stars.

My buddy at Texas Ski Ranch said they did well, sold a few new boats, a number of used boats and had a lot of people coming in this week to look at other boats. Malibu guy said he had not had much luck, same with the CC guys.

The SA boat show is mostly a fishing show. The Austin Boat show is always where it is at. Still impressed with MC with the exception of price. In my mind there are still 3 main companies that compete in the Wake/ski business. MC, CC, and BU. All others are just trying to niche themselves into the market, or at least make a product that is cheaper.
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