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Not sure I'm sold on the new styling direction MC is taking with the newer models. The problem I see with some of the new shapes and color schemes like those on the CC in the above pictures is that they will definitely date the boat. Just like custom paint and interiors, what's hot today will go cold later. That Super Air is a classic of too much going on for no reason. In a few years it'll look like your daddy's old disco shoes.

What happened to form and function? I mean really. The old SA and xStar were always over the top but seemed purposed built. A lot of the new boats are starting to look like something that came out of a "pimp my ride" episode. I keep expecting to see a chocolate fountain or a clothes steamer pop up from under one of the hatches. Come to think of it I think one of the big three had a disco ball option last year.

When I see some of these boats I get a feel about where the perspective some of our members have in regards to the real mastercraft sentiment comes from. Form, function, quality versus Pump My Ride. Not judging, Just an observation.

One last observation on the SA. I thought we all agreed big decals were out about 3 years ago but then again CC has a tendency to be a bit behind the curve in these trends.
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