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Originally Posted by onewheat View Post
ESPECIALLY where you will be hanging TV's, closet shelves, bathroom rods, toilet paper holders and anywhere you run speaker or other wires, etc. If you know where you'll be hanging things - backer boards in the wall are awesome. I always like a towel rod, curtain rod, TP holder, etc. to screw into wood, rather than in drywall with an anchor.
You're right. Take all the scrap 2x12's and put them inbetween the studs where you or the wife wants things like towell bars, toilet paper holders, pictures, TV's, and curtail rods. Its a great use for scrap lumber thats destined for the trash. THEN take and measure to the center of the boards from the floor or ceiling and from left & right. Write on the board in [b]BOLD[b] black ink so when you take a pic of it, it will tell you where it is in the wall from the floor, ceiling, and wall corners.
You're gonna thanks me for all this one day!
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