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This marks the 30th anniversary of the purchase of my first MC boat. In 1983 I bought a 1975 S$S. I guess you could say that I owned a MC when owning a MC wasn't cool. The circle of friends I skied with knew almost nothing about them back then (the ones that still ski all own MC's to this day). 30 years, and there has always been a MC of one year or the other in my garage. I've pretty much gone through the gauntlet of water sports over the years, but always used a MC to do the towing. What does it matter what you pay for your MC (or any other brand boat), what you do with it (that changes throughout your skiing life), if you take care of it or someone else does? I see it throughout this forum though, in different places. People want you to know they spent a huge sum of money for their boat. I see it, but I don't understand it. A person that bought a "cheap" MC boat isn't a second class citizen. Nor is a person who, God forbid, enjoys time at the lake in a boat that isn't a MC. I paid $5000.00 for that 1975 MC boat. It carries just as many memories for me, and alot of my friends, as any boat I've owned.
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