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Originally Posted by FrankSchwab View Post
Basically, he filled the hole with fiberglass/resin, put a thin layer of grease on the bolt, and stuck it into the fiberglass/resin. Once the resin hardened, he could unscrew the bolt (the resin would have flowed around the threads, but the grease would have kept it from bonding to the bolt). Then he put the bolt through the seat, and screwed it into the threads in the fiberglass/resin that he just created.

I did similar, but used epoxy with a brass insert embedded. That gives a very strong set of threads to screw into, and a much bigger diameter that grips the epoxy.

Is right below the floor just packed with foam then? Otherwise, wouldnt the resin just fall to the hull of the boat under that area? Makes sense to what you guys did, just unsure where the resin would "mushroom out" at.
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